Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Body Aches and Resolutions.

As I have gotten older I've noticed I no longer have the trim attractive body I used to have. This shouldn't surprise me, but what the heck. I looked in the mirror and noticed that while I do still have something that vaguely resembles a waistline I also look pregnant and my feet are disappearing.

So my first reaction is to excersize. Okay, that obviously isn't going well. My primary problem is motivation. That Butterfinger candy bar is looking awefully tempting. Of course once it settles in on my backside, getting it to leave is another matter all together.

Step one was to walk the dog. Simple enough (and weather permiting) I come home from work. I drop my stuff inside and grab the leash. My dog, Shadow, is a big fan of walks. Therefore when we go out I'm forced to walk more at her speed, although I can't really move that fast so she's forced to a half walk while I'm struggling not to go face down. Skates might be an alternative.

Today however, I decided to try something new. Belly dancing. It is supposed to be good excersize and look pretty sexy at the same time.  Which brings me back to body aches. I went through a very basic free online course until I can buy a DVD to work along with.

Beginner Belly Dancing Lessons: Video Series

This was the first one I found and I went through the entire series. It's fairly short, but it does give you a small work out. Though I'm not completely out of breath that was still a wow.

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